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Oops, have you come here?

This means, in all likelihood, that we have failed to deliver the goods or service in the expected condition.

For our part, it is extremely important to live up to our customers' expectations. Because you've come here we obviously have not done that. In some cases, the accident has occurred and then we want to be quick to do the right thing.. In some cases, the condistions have not been given to us to perform the job properly, ranging from defective packaging to incorrect shipping information.

In order for us to handle the matter and give you as fast answers as possible to solve the situation, we need to have correct information. With answers to the questions in the form form on the left we have enough information to act on the matter and ask you to be careful when you fill in it.

The services offered by Mertz Transport AB are covered by
General provisions according to Alltrans07 and NSAB2000.

The recipient must examine the goods carefully with the driver. Check the goods to receive the correct number of packages and if visible damage is present on the package / goods.
In case of visible damage to packaging or goods or in case of missing goods, it must be noted on the receipt and / or shipping note immediately upon receipt by the driver.
  • Damaged goods and packaging must be stored at the recipient and must be prepared to display the goods.
  • Concealed damage must be notified in writing within 7 days (with hidden damage is meant goods that have been damaged despite the fact that the package or goods have looked ok at the time of receipt).
  • If you have not received your cargo, it must first be notified to the responsible traffic controller. We as a carrier always have a minimum of 30 days to get the goods correct before the complaint can begin.

Please note that it is only the party who purchased the transport of Mertz Transport AB who can make a complaint with us. Should you have received goods delivered by us but are not freight payers, contact those you purchased the goods from.